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4 Most Common Types Of Lawsuits Against Casinos

Joseph O'Neill

Written by
— Updated on July 19, 2021

Going to a casino for spending a full evening and night playing games with friends is surely one of the funniest things you can do in the world. Most casinos of our time offer not only high-class gambling games like the evergreen poker and roulette, but they also feature many additional services, including car parking, restaurant, bars, and hotel accommodations.

It Was Meant To Be A Perfect Night, But…

So, it's going to be a lot of fun. You already figured out yourself betting at a blackjack table with friends and stuff like that. But even the nicest dreamy casino experience may suddenly transform into a complete nightmare. How is it possible? Well, although all casino companies put special efforts into keeping the casino structure in perfect condition, it may always happen that something goes wrong.

The high number of casino lawsuits along with gamblers' negative reviews is probably one of the reasons that bring so many online users to choose to play over the internet instead of going to a physical casino venue. This trend can be seen not only in the US or Europe but even in the Asiatic continent. In particular, Indian gamblers seem to not doubt about playing online: it's safe, quick, practical, and legal. Take a minute to read the article of this Indian online gambling source to find out all the casino sites that are legal in Indian states.

The trend toward online gambling is actually reinforced by several litigations between the gamblers and the casino administrators. We should probably expect a rise in online games over time.

When You Should File A Lawsuit

If you had a casino accident and you have proof that it happened to you in that specific casino, you can file a lawsuit against the casino administration. All you have to do is to clearly identify the type of injury that you went through. If you have a medical report about your injury and other treatments or surgery that you had to take, you should attach it all to your lawsuit.

You must keep in mind that the type of claim is determinant for establishing the time limit for filing. Usually, personal injury claims arise when the casino administration hasn't provided the casino room or any other element inside it with necessary maintenance. In this case, which is also one of the most common, the casino is guilty of negligence. So, your claim should be a premises liability against the owner of the casino venue for the defective condition of the structure or other element that caused the accident.

Types Of Lawsuits Against Casinoscasino

The casino should pay for your damages as all casinos must be compliant with the legal obligation to adopt safety measures for their employees and visitors to prevent any potential accidents. The following cases are the most typical situations of lawsuits against casinos that become, therefore, defendants in a legal procedure:

  1. Accidents due to slips and fall
    If you fall and get injured because of a broken floor or any other defective feature of the floor, you can file a lawsuit against the casino to get paid for the damage. Usually, slips that aren't caused by the casino administration's negligence don't offer you any chance to win the legal procedure.

  2. Elevator malfunctions
    Casino hotels are often built on several floors. You have to use their elevator to reach a different casino room for playing games or to get around the casino from the restaurant floor to the game rooms. As a general rule of thumb, the type of elevator malfunction brings high-risk personal injures. Elevators that fall or stop in between two floors generate a lot of risks for the passengers. Other injures with elevators include dangerous designs that may cause the passengers to fall or getting their clothes caught in the belts.

  3. Robberies in casino hotels
    Another very common legal issue between the gambler and the casino owner is robberies that might occur during your stay in the casino hotel. As long as you used all the measures to protect your valuable items or money, the responsibility for any robberies belongs to the casino administration and/or owners. Make sure you didn't lose your valuable items and someone else found them, which is different from stealing.

  4. Casino parking lot accidents
    Several lawsuits against casinos arise from parking lot accidents. If your car gets damaged by any malfunctioning element in the car parking area, the casino is responsible as it had to prevent it by maintaining the car parking structure. If another client of the casino accidentally hurts you with their car, you should open a lawsuit against that person and not against the casino.

With the help of a good attorney, you can start a legal procedure against the casino. We suggest you look for an experienced attorney in this particular field. Get free consultations and compare several attorneys' pricing before you file a lawsuit.

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