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Botany expert witnesses specialize in a variety of fields, including agriculture, horticulture, plant pathology, forestry, and environmental science. Some of the most common specialties among botany expert witnesses also include plant genetics, plant physiology, weed science, crop production, and soil science. They have provided opinions on the effects of pesticide use, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), invasive species, the impacts of climate change on plants, and land use practices.

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Agriculture Expert WitnessView profile


Agriculture Expert Witness

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This expert is one of two owners and a Principal Scientist at a major environmental firm. This firm specializes in providing solutions to challenging agricultural and environmental problems throughout the world. Their areas of expertise include soil science, water quality and demand evaluation and management, agricultural systems, salinity and nutrient management, ecosystem restoration,...

Wood Expert WitnessView profile


Wood Expert Witness

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New York

This expert is currently a wood scientist and has been working in the wood industry for almost 20 years. He earned a BS in Construction Management & Wood Products Engineering from SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry and a Masters Degree in Forest Products from Oregon State University. This expert focuses primarily in investigations of problems associated with wood and wood-based...

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Weed Science Expert Witness

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This expert is an endowed professor of Weed Science at a very prominent university in California. He is the author of 2 patents, 5 books, and over 100 scholarly publications in field of Weed Science and Agronomy. He earned his doctoral degree from Kansas State University and later served as an agronomist and weed specialist at Washington State University, as well as a lecturer in Urban...

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Weed Science & Herbicide Expert Witness

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This supremely qualified plant physiologist earned his BS in Botany from DePauw University, his MS in Plant Ecology from the University of Colorado, and his doctoral degree from the University of Illinois. He is an active member of the Weed Science Society of America and lead a twenty plus year career at American Cyanamid, where he attained the position of Director of Herbicide Discovery....

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Botany Expert Witness FAQs

A botany expert witness provides specialized knowledge on plant science, including plant physiology, genetics, and ecology. They can offer insights on cases involving agriculture, environmental issues, or pharmaceuticals.

Cases that may require a botany expert include those related to agricultural disputes, environmental conservation, patent infringement for plant-based products, or toxicology incidents.

Yes, a botany expert can provide valuable insights into GMO-related cases due to their understanding of plant genetics and biotechnology.

Yes, there are many subspecialties in botany such as plant pathology, ethnobotany, horticulture, and plant taxonomy. The choice of expert depends on the case specifics.

A botany expert can assess the impact of certain actions on local flora, identify specific plants involved in the case, and evaluate restoration efforts post-damage.

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