Man Injured by Fall in Icy Parking Lot

    Premises Liability Expert WitnessThis case takes place in Pennsylvania and involves a slip and fall causing permanent injuries. The plaintiff delivery driver entered the premise in question operating a box truck with a load of packages destined for the defendant facility. It was a very cold morning and snow and ice had accumulated several inches in height. The plaintiff parked his delivery truck and exited the cab, at which point he stepped onto the asphalt surface of the defendant’s parking lot, which had been affected by the weather. The plaintiff’s feet came into contact with ridges of snow and ice that had accumulated in the parking area, causing him to slip and fall violently to the ground on his right arm, causing serious and permanent injury to his wrist and elbow. The plaintiff alleges the defendant failed to maintain the parking lot by allowing water to accumulate and freeze with no attempt to remove it. In addition, there was a failure to inform or warn the plaintiff in using the area in question.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please discuss your background in setting safety standards as it pertains to parking lots.
    • 2. Based on the brief case summary, what could have been done to prevent such an accident from occurring?
    • 3. Have you ever served as an expert witness on a case similar to the one described above? If so, please explain.
    • 4. Please tell us why you?re qualified to serve as an expert reviewer of this case.

    Expert Witness Response E-013960

    My experience enables my clients to render sound advice and assist in anticipation of future claims. My understanding of investigations, collecting factual information, providing accident analysis, assessing organization training compliance and conducting analysis ensures my clients are getting the best possible safety consulting service available. My mission is to utilize my many years of safety experience to provide practical and efficient resolutions to safety inquiries and offer useful, insightful and collaborative consulting. Provide post-accident crash /injury analysis and expertise to assist client (plaintiff or defendant) in anticipation of a claim that may arise in connection with an accident. Investigation to prevent this type of accident includes: Review footwear policies, company policies regarding parking procedures, total review of previous parking lot injuries, review slip fall injuries, review weather related injuries, assess training in maintaining 3 points of contact, overall parking lot observation regarding lighting, slippery surfaces, yard, steps etc. I have reviewed multiple cases regarding slip and fall injuries and 1 case specifically regarding a parking lot injury related to a slip/fall.

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