Child is Severely Injured by Go Kart

Go Kart Expert WitnessThis case involves the failure of chain guard manufactured for a go-kart. The plaintiff’s young son was driving an all-terrain go-kart around the family’s property in Louisiana when his hair got caught in the chain, which ended up scalping him. The expertise sought in this case is someone who has a strong background with small engine safety.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Have you designed go-karts?
  • 2. If you have designed go-karts, what gets taken into account when planning for driver safety?

Expert Witness Response E-008160

I am interested in serving as an expert on this case. I have designed go-karts and also other chain-driven devices, both motorized and human powered. I have done this by myself sometimes but more often with my students at MIT. When designing for safety of such vehicles, I would generally be concerned with risks of over-turning, potential for loss of steering or braking, potential for pinching or entanglement, and risk of electrocution or burning.

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