Casino Security Fails To Intervene During Violent Assault

    Casino ExpertThis case involves a plaintiff who was assaulted at a casino in New York State. The plaintiff was at a betting machine when a drunk casino patron approached him and demanded that the plaintiff give up the machine. When the plaintiff declined, the patron became exasperated and began yelling profanities. The patron then pulled the plaintiff away from the machine and began to violently assault him. Although the plaintiff cried for help during the ordeal, there was no intervention from the on-site security staff. By the time the security staff arrived, the assailant had fled the scene. As a result of the incident, the plaintiff broke three ribs and required surgery. An expert in managing casino security was sought to discuss protocols to ensure patron safety.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your experience with casino security.
    • 2. What protocols should have been in place to prevent the outcome as described in the case summary?

    Expert Witness Response E-044414

    I have 25 years of experience in internal affairs investigations and I’m very familiar with casino security and its function. I have been a court-recognized expert witness in a handful of casino operations regarding security, the use of force, and law enforcement matters over the past 15 years. I have also been published in on law enforcement investigations. My first response would be that the staff involved with the initial complaint should have notified security of the incident. Security staff would have been aware of these patrons actions and could have observed then further or taken action in the initial complaint and removed them from the casino. That also is without knowing anything about the amount they had to drink.

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