Telecommunications Company Misrepresents Speed Of Internet Services

Consulting ExpertThis case is a class action suit that arose from an alleged misrepresentation by the defendant of their high-speed internet and broadband services. It was alleged that the defendants misrepresented crucial information and mislead customers as to what they were purchasing. According to the plaintiff, the term “broadband” has a specific meaning in the industry which requires a certain speed that was not being met. An expert in FCC regulations and industry standards for high speed internet and broadband was sought to opine on what was being offered and to determine if it met the FCC standards specific to speed.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please briefly describe your familiarity and experience with FCC regulations and terminology as it relates to broadband and high-speed internet.

Expert Witness Response E-045478

I have been working in broadband and telecommunications since the 1990s. With 30+ years of experience working with telecommunications requirements, standards, product development consulting, and product testing, I a perfect fit for this case. I served as an expert for a telecommunications consumer protection act (TCPA) case which involved drafting an expert report discussing my opinions regarding the application of FCC TCPA related rules and regulations. Additionally, many of the products my company tests are conference devices for audio and video transmission that rely on broadband connections to, and through, the internet. The notion of broadband access “speed” (bandwidth) can be complex including, for example, analysis of averages, peak, time of day, customer premises equipment capabilities, quality of service, and other metrics.

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