Rifle Explosion Causes Permanent Hearing Loss

    Firearms ExpertThis case involves a 35-year-old woman in Idaho who sustained severe injuries as a result of a gun explosion. The woman had recently purchased a rifle for recreational purposes. The incident in question occurred less than a week after the woman purchased the rifle. As she fired, the gun produced an explosion and caused permanent hearing loss. It was alleged that the woman was sold a defective gun.

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    • 1. Please explain your experience working with firearms and ammunition.

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    I have 40 years of experience in firearms identification and ballistics for forensic crime labs. I have had numerous opportunities to examine and test multiple brands of firearms. Many of the civil cases I have been involved in over the last 7 years have dealt with guns and/or ammunition that have caused a failure and normally include serious injury.

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    This expert on Firearms obtained his master’s degree in organization and administration. He completed training in law enforcement as well as training in gun powder and primer residue and specialized firearm techniques at the FBI Academy. He also completed an additional gunsmithing course. This expert is a member of a forensic science association and a firearms association. He has 4 publications and currently works as a forensic scientist at a firearms consulting firm.

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