Expert Qualifications

This expert has spent over 30 years in the payments industry, focusing on emerging technologies and breakthrough developments. He is highly familiar with the various product offerings currently on the market, specifically those pertaining to mobile payments and platform systems for mobile banking. This expert understands the important trends and key players in this space, and his expertise in this technological area is second to none.

Bio Snapshot

  • For the past 30 years, this expert has been heavily involved in the emergence of smartcards, EMV standards, and EMV migration around the world. He has been involved in all aspects of EMV projects, from negotiating card and chip supply contracts to setting up audit processes needed to certify all of the terminals, ATMs, and points of sales in 17 countries for the Middle Eastern region of American Express. This expert owns and operates two businesses, one of which is an EMV, smart card, and payment industry consulting firm, and the other is a card and payment software specialist firm that has designed and developed several systems to date, while they are in the process of developing the next generation of software to support the smart card and payment business for mobile payments.

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Software Expert

State: CA

This expert earned his BS in economics from the University of Pennsylvania and went on to found a music education company called LessonUp. He then began his career in software as a teacher in residence at Hack Reactor and went on to ...

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