Expert Qualifications

This qualified health and safety expert earned his MSc in occupational safety and health as well as his doctorate in education from the University of Aston. Additionally, he received diplomas in safety management and professional consulting. This expert is a certified emergency manager and licensed in safety and loss prevention. He is active in his field as a member of several professional organizations including the American Society of Safety Engineers and the Institute of Safety Management. He has formerly served as a senior advisor and head of safety at EEF UK, as a managing director at Safety and Training Services, an executive Vice President at World Safety Organization, and a professor at McGill University. Most recently, he was the president of Safety Projects International and 5 Start Safety and Health Institute. This expert is currently an independent safety consultant located in Ontario.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: ON
  • MSc, Occupational Safety & Health, University of Aston
  • EdD, University of Aston
  • Certified, Emergency Manager
  • Licensed, Safety and Loss Prevention
  • Licensed, Safety Professional, United Kingdom
  • Member, American Society of Safety Engineers
  • Member, Institution of Occupational Safety & Health
  • Member, Institute of Safety Management
  • Member, International Association Arson Investigators
  • Former, Safety Officer, Bass Charrington
  • Former, Training Manager, British Safety Council
  • Former, Senior Advisor & Head, Safety, Engineering Employers Federation UK
  • Former, Managing Director, Safety & Training Services Ltd.
  • Former, Executive Vice President, World Safety Organization
  • Former, President, Safety Projects International
  • Former, President, 5 Star Health & Safety Institute
  • Former, Professor, McGill University

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