Expert Qualifications

This avid motorcyclist works in the professional motorcycle racing industry, and has access to motorcycles similar or identical to that described in this case. He was also a track coach for 6 years during his tenure at Pro-Motion and Sportbike Track Time.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: Pennsylvania
  • B.FA., University of Iowa
  • Former, Marketing Director, Team Pro-Motion Sport Bike Club
  • Former, Track Coach, Team Pro-Motion
  • Current, Board of Directors, major motorcycle website
  • Current, Director of PR and Media at major motorcycle media firm

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Biomechanics Expert

Biomechanics Expert

State: CA

This biomechanics expert specializes in human performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and exercise and fitness. He earned his BA in history and his MS in kinesiology from California State University at Fullerton before ...

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