Expert Qualifications

This highly qualified hazardous materials transportation expert earned his BS in Industrial Engineering, his MS in Engineering Management, and his PhD from Kennedy Western University. This expert has been involved in the development and implementation of hazardous materials safety regulations for more than 30 years and has been responsible for a broad range of domestic and international hazardous materials safety efforts. He has served as the chairman of the UN Sub-Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, and as the chairman and vice chairman of the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel. This expert spent 18 years in the Department of Transportation/Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration's Office of Hazardous Materials Safety, and currently serves as the VP of Government Affairs/Consultant for a private hazardous materials shipping solutions firm.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: Illinois
  • BS, Industrial Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • MS, Engineering Management, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • PhD, Safety Engineering, Kennedy Western University
  • Strategic Management of Regulatory and Enforcement Agency Seminars, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
  • Chairman, ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel
  • Chairman, United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods
  • Former, Program Manager/Industrial-Mechanical Engineer, Department of Navy - Packaging/Handling/Storage/Transportation Center
  • Former, Deputy Associate Administrator, Office of Hazardous Materials Safety
  • Current, VP of Government Affairs/Consultant, private hazardous materials shipping solutions firm

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