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Expert Qualifications

This expert is a former public-company executive who now consults as a forensic engineer for patents, accidents, and commercial matters. His 40 year career spans industrial, oilfield, and medical interests, both domestic and international. His expertise includes electrical and electronic engineering, industrial computers, and automated control systems. He has qualified several times as an expert witness in US Federal Court, most notably in the Deepwater Horizon / BP oil spill trial.He is specially trained in control systems in a number of industrial aspects, including NFPA 85/ ISA 77 Boiler Control Engineering. He is a licensed electrical engineer, licensed control systems engineer, and a licensed master electrician.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: Louisiana
  • BS, Engineering, University of New Orleans
  • Registered: Professional Engineer
  • Registered: Professional Control Systems Engineer
  • Certified: Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Certified: Forensic Engineer
  • Licensed: Master Electrician
  • Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • Senior Member, The international Society of Automation
  • Senior Member, Institute of Industrial Engineers
  • Member, National Academy of Forensic Engineers
  • Former, Industrial Equipment Engineer, Boeing Services
  • Former, Design & Construction Engineer, SECO Industries
  • Former, Principal Engineer, Dataran Corporation
  • Former, Instructor of Engineering, University of New Orleans School of Engineering
  • Former, VP Operations/Engineering, TEST Automation & Controls
  • Former, Director of Stewart Resource Center, Stewart Enterprises Inc.
  • Former, Senior Consultant, VersaTech Automation Services
  • Current, Engineering Consultant, privately owned consulting firm

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