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Expert Qualifications

This expert has 37 years of experience in construction, specifically, log homes. After earning his BA in geography and his MA in historical geography, he founded his own log cabin construction company. He also served as the editor of Log Building News for over 20 years and he authored the Log Construction Manual. He is an active member of the International Log Builders Association and has served on the International Code Council panel tasked with writing log home building codes. Further, he has instructed more than 35 training courses in log cabin construction. Currently, this expert is the president of a log home construction company in Wisconsin.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: WI
  • BA, Geography, University of Minnesota
  • MA, Historical Geography, University of British Columbia
  • Graduate, Mackie School of Log Building
  • Member, International Log Builders’ Association
  • Former, Founder/Owner, Sparwood Log Homes
  • Former, Contributing Editor, Joiner's Quarterly
  • Former, Editor, Log Building News
  • Former, Partner/Founder, Natural Log Homes
  • Former, Instructor, Log Home Construction, Aorkai Polytech
  • Former, Adjunct Instructor, Log Home Construction, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Current, Owner/CEO, a log building company in WI

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