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Side and rear Underride Accidents, Trailer Maintenance, Mechanical Engineering Headshot

Side and rear Underride Accidents, Trailer Maintenance, Mechanical Engineering Expert

This highly qualified accident reconstructionist has extensive professional experience in his field. After finishing his BS in mechanical engineering at Florida State University, this expert went on to become certified as a professional engineer in Florida and Illinois. Additionally, he is an accredited traffic accident reconstructionist. He is a member of multiple professional organizations, including the Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association and the American Society ...

Paratransit Headshot

Paratransit Expert

This expert has more than 25 years of experience in the paratransit field. Her work was fundamental to the LIFT Paratransit Service operated by the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District (TriMet) in Portland, Oregon. Before her career in paratransit, she worked as a long haul truck diver and a district maintenance manager for a trucking company operating in several US states and western Canada. She earned her Bachelor's degree from Marylhurst University in ...

    Truck Maintenance Headshot

    Truck Maintenance Expert

    This expert has served as a heavy equipment mechanic and maintenance specialist for over 30 years. He is ASE certified in 8 different areas as a Medium/Heavy Truck Technician and 5 areas as an Automotive Technician. He is a former mechanic for the Utah Transit Authority where he performed maintenance and repairs in a variety of areas including suspensions, rotors, brake systems, and hydraulic systems. He also served as a mechanic at Sunroc Construction and Materials ...

    Crash Event Data Recorders Headshot

    Crash Event Data Recorders Expert

    This expert is a professional engineer specializing in the investigation and reconstruction of motor vehicle collisions, with a background in mechanical and a civil engineering. He has been working in the engineering and accident reconstruction fields since 1982. He has analyzed in excess of 800 accidents involving cars, tractor-trailers, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles, heavy trucks, etc. He has considerable experience with leading edge technology in the field, ...

    Vehicle Automated Systems & Technology Headshot

    Vehicle Automated Systems & Technology Expert

    This engineering expert has over 30 years of experience in the field. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering and his Master of Engineering Science in Ireland before coming to the United States while working for Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, where he designed electronic hardware and system software for air braked truck / trailer ABS and traction control systems. He then worked on ABS and traction control for passenger cars and subsequently started the Electronics ...

    Mechanical Engineering - Lifts Headshot

    Mechanical Engineering - Lifts Expert

    This expert has published extensively in magazines, in-house journals, and textbooks. He is a participating member of numerous societies. He has over 40 years personal experience in management, consulting and expert services in the fields of design, manufacturing, testing of hydraulic, pneumatic and electro-mechanical lifting and load bearing machines, equipment and devices: industry experience including automotive, construction, industrial, material handling, ...

    Trucking Safety Headshot

    Trucking Safety Expert

    This highly qualified expert has 36 years experience as a tractor trailer driver ans 28 years of experience as a driving instructor. He is trained in OSHA Safety regulations and Departmnent of Transport compliance guidelines, He is a member of numerous professional organizations including the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association and serves on the board of directors of the New England Traffic Safety Education Association. He is currently Director of ...

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