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Electronic Signatures and Mortgage Technology Expert Witness | MassachusettsView profile


Electronic Signatures and Mortgage Technology Expert Witness | Massachusetts

This qualified expert of Electronic Signatures obtained her BA from Smith College. She is certified in Mortgage Standards and has 8+ Publications related to the field of Technology and Software. She is a member of the Property Records Industry Association, the Structured Document Technical Committee, and the ASTM Committee. She is currently the President of a Technology Company on the East Coast...

Signature Expert Witness Case Studies

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    Computer Engineering Expert Witness Advises on Tampering of Electronic Medical Records

    January 5, 2018

    A computer engineering and computer electronics expert witness advises on a case involving the alleged tampering of electronic medical records (EMR)...

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    E-mail messages between real estate buyer and seller create binding agreement

    August 27, 2021

    This case involves a buyer who was interested in purchasing 2 undeveloped lots owned by a seller. The parties’ attorneys began negotiating the terms...

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    Forensic Handwriting Experts Opine on Allegedly Forged Signature on Mortgage Papers

    October 2, 2017

    This case revolved around a foreclosure in Wyoming, where the Defendant alleged that a signature on the mortgage is not hers. The Defendant claimed...

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    Handwriting Expert Analyzes Whether Signature on Revised Will Was Forged

    March 14, 2018

    This case involves the will of a woman who passed away and left the majority of her estate to her two sons and a portion to her second husband. The...

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    Handwriting Examiner Reviews Amendment To Estate Inheritance

    May 29, 2018

    This case involves a dispute over an estate. A wealthy couple died suddenly in a boating accident leaving their 4 children to inherit their...

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