Forensic Handwriting Experts Opine on Allegedly Forged Signature on Mortgage Papers

    Forensic Handwriting Expert WitnessThis case revolved around a foreclosure in Wyoming, where the Defendant alleged that a signature on the mortgage is not hers. The Defendant claimed that she was never a resident of the foreclosed property, and that she had no knowledge or awareness of the fact that her name had been associated with the property in any way. Instead, she claimed that the mortgage was taken out by an identity thief, who compromised her personal information and forged her signature on the mortgage papers.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Do you have familiarity with the forensic handwriting or forensic linguistics?
    • 2. Have you ever published or lectured on this subject?
    • 3. Are you able to determine if the signature on the original mortgage matches that of the defendant?

    Expert Witness Response E-039269

    I am a certified Forensic Document Examiner and a handwriting comparison expert. I not only currently work at a document-examination consulting firm, but I also am employed by a police department, where I examine documents and handwriting in criminal cases. I review foreclosures and mortgage cases very frequently in matters regarding signature examination. Additionally, I have presented to numerous conferences and classes on document examination.

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