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Paint expert witnesses practice in a variety of fields, including construction, art conservation, industrial manufacturing, automotive repair, and interior design. Some of the most common specialties among paint expert witnesses include lead-based paint analysis, paint failure analysis, color matching technology, graffiti identification, and paint formulation chemistry. They can opine on the effects of paint toxicity, paint durability and lifespan, color discrepancies in legal disputes, issues related to graffiti vandalism, and the impact of improper paint application.

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Chemistry Expert Witness | IllinoisView profile


Chemistry Expert Witness | Illinois

This highly-qualified expert has nearly 50 years of experience as a chemist. He received his BS in chemistry from the University of Illinois before earning his MS in organic chemistry from the University of Minnesota and his PhD in organic chemistry from Loyola University. Throughout his extensive career, he has gained experience in several facets of chemistry, including industrial chemicals,...

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