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Neuropsychiatry expert witnesses practice in a variety of fields, including clinical neuropsychology, behavioral neurology, psychiatry, and cognitive neuroscience. Some of the most common specialties among neuropsychiatry expert witnesses include traumatic brain injury, dementia, stroke, epilepsy, and psychiatric disorders. They have provided opinions on the effects of brain injuries, mental health disorders, neurological diseases, substance abuse, and cognitive impairments.

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Thomas NatoliView profile

ID: 44703

Dr. Thomas Natoli

This expert emergency room technician earned his AS from the Antonelli Insitute and has over 20 years of experience in the emergency medical field. Formerly, he served as a line officer and emergency medical technician with the Lower Providence Community Center Ambulance. From 2008-2020, this expert was an emergency department technician at a children's hospital in Delaware and worked with...

Psychology Expert Witness | PennsylvaniaView profile


Psychology Expert Witness | Pennsylvania

This certified clinical psychologist is a fellow of such prestigious professional societies as the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, and has been fellowship trained at among the top institutions for psychiatry in the country. He is published in his field, and practices both in a hospital setting and in private practice.

Gregory Paul DeMuri, MDView profile

ID: 703337

Dr. Gregory Paul DeMuri, MD

Dr. Gregory P. DeMuri has 28 years of experience in the field of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and he earned his MD from the University of Michigan Medical School. He completed both an internship and a residency in Pediatrics at University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics before completing a fellowship in Pediatric Infectious Disease at M. Health Fairview University of Minnesota Medical Center....

Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Health Expert Witness | New YorkView profile


Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Health Expert Witness | New York

This expert has been practicing for over 40 years and has experience in both hospital and ambulatory care settings. A Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Pediatric Primary Care Mental Health Specialist, she has been honored as a Fellow of both the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. A Former President of the...

Ruth Ann Bolton, MDView profile

ID: 1282699

Dr. Ruth Ann Bolton, MD

Dr. Ruth A. Bolton has 47 years of experience as a Physician, working in the fields of Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Urgent Care. She earned her BS from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and her MD from Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. She then went on to complete her residency in Family Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Today, this expert is board certified in Family...

Cerebral Palsy Expert Witness | New YorkView profile


Cerebral Palsy Expert Witness | New York

As a Residence Case Manager for a major Cerebral Palsy corporation, this expert supervised staff at two residential locations and managed the cases for up to 12 consumers, preparing all program documentation for consumers based on Residential Habilitation Plans and Office for People With Developmental Disabilities regulations Currently, and since January 2010, this expert is a Director at United...

William Cornelius Dam, MDView profile

ID: 1633916

Dr. William Cornelius Dam, MD

Dr. William C. Dam has over 47 years of experience in the field of Internal Medicine. He earned his BA in Philosophy from Benedictine University and his MD from the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He then went on to complete a residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center and a residency in Dermatology at Rush University Medical Center. Today, this expert...

Social Work  Mental Health  & Child Protective Services Expert Witness | PennsylvaniaView profile


Social Work Mental Health & Child Protective Services Expert Witness | Pennsylvania

This highly qualified expert has 22 years of experience in Child Protective Services, Mental Health, & Addiction. She earned a PhD from Rutgers University and has a broad array of expertise including Child Welfare, Behavioral Health, Diversity issues, Institutional, and Evaluation services. She is a professor at a PA University, the Executive Directorof a social services nonprofit organization...

John Joseph Shufeldt Jr, FACEP, JD, MBA, MDView profile

ID: 2222413

Dr. John Joseph Shufeldt Jr, FACEP, JD, MBA, MD

Dr. John J. Shufeldt Jr. has decades of experience in the field of Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care, Law, and Healthcare Entrepreneurship. He completed his BA in Criminology and Sociology at the Drake University and his MD from the Chicago Medical School. He completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at the Advocate Christ Medical Center. He also completed his MBA from the Arizona State...

Mental Health Services Expert Witness | New JerseyView profile


Mental Health Services Expert Witness | New Jersey

This expert has 18+ years of experience in the supportive housing and managed care fields. Currently, he serves as the executive director of an organization that combats homelessness in northern New Jersey; this line of works brings him into continuous contact with clients suffering from mental illness, substance abuse issues.


Michael Shahnasarian, PhDView profile

ID: 2992317

Dr. Michael Shahnasarian, PhD

Dr. Michael Shahnasarian has 42 years of experience in Psychology with expertise in Rehabilitation and Life Care Planning. He earned his BA in Psychology from Indiana University Bloomington, his MS in Clinical Psychology from Texas A&M University, and his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and Human Systems from Florida State University. Today, this expert is a Certified Vocational Evaluator and...

Mental Health Administration Expert Witness | CaliforniaView profile


Mental Health Administration Expert Witness | California

This highly qualified expert earned his BA from University of California, Irvine and his PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He has been a practicing psychologist for over 5 years and has gained a vast range of experience in various settings across California. He is active in his field as an author, presenter, and member of local psychological associations. Formerly, he...

Dan Field, MDView profile

ID: 108516

Dr. Dan Field, MD

This highly qualified emergency medicine expert has over 25 years of experience in his field. He completed his BS in biology from the University of California at Irvine and his MD from the University of California at San Francisco. After finishing his internship at Highland Hospital, this expert went on to complete his emergency medicine residency at the University of Cincinnati. He is boarded by...

Social Work & Mental Health Expert Witness | FloridaView profile


Social Work & Mental Health Expert Witness | Florida

This expert has considerable experience in organizational compliance oversight for mental health facilities. She earned her B.A. in Criminal Justice and her Master's in Health Administration from Saginaw Valley State University. The expert is a credentialed LBSW and QMHP and QIDP in the state of Michigan, here she worked in the mental health field for 12 years. Most recently, she was a Support...

Jennifer TerryView profile

ID: 12983

Ms. Jennifer Terry

This qualified expert received her BS in psychology from Kaplan University, her MA in rehabilitation counseling from the University of Alabama, and her MS in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University. She is a licensed professional counselor and is also a certified life care planner and rehabilitation counselor. She is active in her field as a member of the American Board of Vocational Experts...

Social Work Expert Witness | TexasView profile


Social Work Expert Witness | Texas

This highly qualified expert received her BA in Psychology and her MS in Clinical Social Work from the University of Texas-Pan American. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and she is a certified Family Trauma Professional, Suicide Prevention Counselor and Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). This expert previously worked as Supervisor II for the Texas Department of Family and Protective...

Erik Soiferman, DOView profile

ID: 24808

Dr. Erik Soiferman, DO

This expert has almost a decade of experience in the field of internal medicine and urgent care. He earned his BS from Muhlenberg College, his DO from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and his MBA from Temple University. He completed his internship and residency in internal medicine at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is a member of the Urgent Care Association...

Forensic Psychology Expert Witness | New YorkView profile


Forensic Psychology Expert Witness | New York

This well-credentialed expert is a licensed psychologist in New York and New Jersey, as well as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in New York. He earned his B.A. in Psychology from Adelphi University, his M.A. in Clinical Psychology, and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After completing his Ph.D., the expert began his career working at the Catholic Charities foster care...

Jeffrey FrazerView profile

ID: 36490

Mr. Jeffrey Frazer

This expert has over 15 years of experience as a physician assistant. He earned his BS in biology at Florida State University and an MS at Touro University. Previously, he served as a physician assistant at California Pacific Cardiovascular Medical Group and the emergency department of Sutter Solano Hospital. In addition, he served as the APC director of the emergency department of 5 hospitals...

Developmental Disabilities & Administrative Negligence Expert Witness | LouisianaView profile


Developmental Disabilities & Administrative Negligence Expert Witness | Louisiana

This highly qualified expert has over 40 years of experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities as an administrator of health, education, and human services agencies. He earned his BS and MS in special education from Arkansas State University and a PhD in psychology and special education from St. Louis University. He is active in his field as a member of the American...

Neuropsychiatry Expert Witness FAQs

What is the role of a neuropsychiatry expert witness in legal proceedings?

A neuropsychiatry expert witness provides insight into cases involving mental health disorders, brain injuries, and neurological conditions. They can clarify complex medical issues for the court.

In what types of cases might I need a neuropsychiatry expert witness?

Neuropsychiatry experts are often needed in personal injury, malpractice, disability claims, criminal cases involving mental health defenses, and competency evaluations.

What subspecialties exist within the field of neuropsychiatry that an expert witness might focus on?

Subspecialties include behavioral neurology, geriatric psychiatry, forensic neuropsychiatry, and child & adolescent neuropsychiatry. Each has unique expertise.

How can a neuropsychiatry expert witness assist in a case involving traumatic brain injury (TBI)?

A neuropsychiatrist can explain how TBI affects cognitive function and behavior, interpret medical records, assess damages, and provide evidence-based opinions on causation.

Why is it important to have a neuropsychiatry expert witness in cases involving dementia or Alzheimer's disease?

These experts can help determine if the condition affected the individual's decision-making capacity at the time of events under scrutiny, which is crucial in such cases.

How does Expert Institute select its Neuropsychiatry expert witnesses?

Expert Institute offers a personalized approach to help you find the highest quality experts. We source actively-practicing professionals who match all your requirements for specialty areas, work experience, litigation history, fee range, certifications, location, and more.

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