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Mortgage Headshot

Mortgage Expert

This expert is a 44+ year veteran of the mortgage industry, has been an owner-operator of three mortgage banking companies, a software company, and several leading consultancies. Additionally, he is a regular guest on FOX Business News and CNBC, and currently hosts his own weekly radio podcast on mortgage lending. He produces a daily one-minute consumer-facing market commentary video that is viewed by millions of Americans each month, and he publishes articles in a ...

Commercial Mortgage Asset Management Headshot

Commercial Mortgage Asset Management Expert

This highly qualified expert has over 25 years of experience in the commercial real estate finance industry and his expertise includes real estate asset management, mortgage loan servicing, risk assessment and mitigation and relationship management. After receiving his bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Finance from Georgia State University, this expert went on to be a Contract Administrator at the Federal Asset Disposition Association. He then worked as a ...

Electronic Signatures and Mortgage Technology Headshot

Electronic Signatures and Mortgage Technology Expert

This qualified expert of Electronic Signatures obtained her BA from Smith College. She is certified in Mortgage Standards and has 8+ Publications related to the field of Technology and Software. She is a member of the Property Records Industry Association, the Structured Document Technical Committee, and the ASTM Committee. She is currently the President of a Technology Company on the East Coast and a Consultant & Adviser at a Mortgage Technology Services....

Residential Mortgage Production &  Strategic Planning Headshot

Residential Mortgage Production & Strategic Planning Expert

This mortgage expert has 30+ years of lending experience, including management positions in residential and consumer lending, secondary marketing, loan servicing, compliance, and operations. He is an accomplished third-party underwriter and quality control reviewer of mortgage loans and operations for several classifications of mortgage lenders. He has been a national-level instructor for over 20 years and has taught hundreds of lenders, as well as taught ...

Mortgage Brokering and Servicing Headshot

Mortgage Brokering and Servicing Expert

This expert has 13 years career experience in the mortgage industry. He attended The University of Louisville College of Business majoring in Finance, with minors in Accounting & Economics. Then he went on to earn certifications as a Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist, Certified Mortgage Consultant, and Certified Distressed Property Lender. He is a member of professional organizations including the Kentucky Association of Mortgage Professionals and National ...

Economics Headshot

Economics Expert

This expert currently serves as Associate Professor of Economics at a university in New York and has been teaching economics for over 30 years. She received her B.A. in Sociology, her M.A., in Economics, and her Ph.D. in Economics. Her publications and presentations have focused on the topics of home mortgages and the foreclosure crisis. She previously worked at the New York State Banking Department (now the NYS Division of Financial Services) as Assistant Director of ...

Mortgage-Backed Securities & Residential Mortgages Headshot

Mortgage-Backed Securities & Residential Mortgages Expert

This economics Ph.D. has a broad financial background spanning mortgage-backed securities, asset-backed securities, and structured products. After earning his master's and doctorate from the University of Florida, he became a tenured Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina. The expert eventually began a successful career in finance and served in several senior positions, including as global head of MBS research at two major investment banks, CS First ...

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Property Preservation Company Allegedly Fails To Conduct Due Diligence On New Hires

Property Preservation Company Allegedly Fails To Conduct Due Diligence On New Hires

Jul 24 2018 Mortgage
This case involves alleged misconduct by a mortgage servicer, its property preservation vendor management company, and various subcontractors. The mortgage servicer hired a major property preservation firm. Once hired, the preservation company allegedly hired additional subcontractors without properly vetting them.…

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