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Mold expert witnesses practice in a variety of fields, including environmental health, building inspections, indoor air quality, construction defects, and property management. Some of the most common specialties among mold expert witnesses also include toxicology, industrial hygiene, microbiology, mycology, and public health. They have provided opinions on the effects of water damage, exposure to mold, remediation methods, health impacts of mold exposure, and standards for mold removal.

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Mold Inspection Expert Witness | CaliforniaView profile


Mold Inspection Expert Witness | California

This expert has over 19 years of experience in Mold and Home Inspections. He earned his BA and MA from California State University of Los Angeles, and has continued his education in Home and Mold Inspection through various courses and training. He is a certified Microbial Consultant, as well as Property Inspector by both the American Society of Home Inspectors and the California Real Estate...

Industrial Hygiene Expert Witness | WashingtonView profile


Industrial Hygiene Expert Witness | Washington

This expert gained his MS in public health with a focus on industrial hygiene and safety at the University of Washington. He is a certified industrial hygienist and will soon be certified as a Mold Assessor in Texas. Currently, he works as a senior industrial hygiene consultant win Washington State. Formerly, he served as an industrial hygiene engineer and consultant at Boeing, OR State Accident...

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