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E-cigarette expert witnesses practice in a variety of fields, including toxicology, public health, product safety, and addiction medicine. Some of the most common e-cigarette expert witness specialties also include pulmonary medicine, chemical engineering, and consumer product safety. They can opine on the effects of vaping on lung health, nicotine addiction, product liability issues, e-cigarette design flaws, and the impact of e-cigarettes on public health.

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Drug Safety Expert Witness |View profile


Drug Safety Expert Witness |

This expert's research career has been focused in the area of drug safety. As a clinical epidemiologist and pharmacologist, he uses large administrative databases in Canada and the United States as the main data source for his research. In the last ten years he has made significant contributions to this area quantifying rare drug adverse events with popular prescription drugs. His research has...

FDA Regulatory Affairs Expert Witness | MarylandView profile


FDA Regulatory Affairs Expert Witness | Maryland

A 17-year veteran of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this expert served as the Regulatory Counsel to the Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs, and previously, in scientific, inspectional, compliance and criminal and civil enforcement capacities as an FDA Consumer Safety Officer (CSO), Compliance Officer (CO), a Senior Special Agent (SA) with the Office of Criminal...

Product Liability & Supply Chain Management Expert Witness | CaliforniaView profile


Product Liability & Supply Chain Management Expert Witness | California

This expert is an established specialist on marketing and global supply chain practices within global impact areas, including the fast moving consumer goods and IT industry. He has held a number of executive and senior management roles, including appointments at Proctor & Gamble and TELUS Communications, Inc. He earned his BS in computer science from the University of Windsor, his MBA from Wayne...

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