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Data Storage, Data Security and Anti-Money Laundering Headshot

Data Storage, Data Security and Anti-Money Laundering Expert

This expert has nearly 30 years of experience in data architecture, pre and post-incident attack reconciliation and AML auditing data. He is a senior AML security architect, cube designer, CISSP STIG auditor, Microsoft certified trainer, SQL SSAS Expert, CAMS+FCI Certified Anti-Money Laundering instructor and specializes in data security reconciliation and analysis. He is also an advisory board member for the Cybersecurity for Business program at a university in South ...

Commercial Printing, Direct Mail, & Database Utilization Headshot

Commercial Printing, Direct Mail, & Database Utilization Expert

This highly-qualified expert has extensive experience in the commercial printing, direct mail, and database utilization industry. With over 40 years of experience in the field, he has experience with targeting and response analysis, printing technology, paper technology, major suppliers in the printing industry, the US Postal Service, and future trends in direct marketing. Before beginning his career in commercial printing, this expert earned his BA in economics and ...

Practice Manager & Health Informatics Headshot

Practice Manager & Health Informatics Expert

This highly qualified expert earned her BS and MS from The Ohio State University. She has been in the health informatics field for over three decades and has extensive experience with clinical informatics and pharmacy operations. Formerly, she was Associate Director of The Department of Pharmacy at Ohio State and also served as Practice Manager for Allscripts (an EMR database). Currently, she is an Independent Healthcare Consultant in the Ohio area....

Neurosurgery Headshot

Neurosurgery Expert

This highly qualified expert is Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery and Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, by courtesy, and Director of Minimally Invasive NeuroSpine Surgery at a prestigious hospital in CA. He is focused on advancing minimally invasive surgical techniques for diseases of the spine and cares for patients with a wide range of spinal disorders. He graduated from the Johns Hopkins University Biomedical Engineering program with a focus on spinal cord ...

Parking Lot and Storefront Pedestrian Safety Headshot

Parking Lot and Storefront Pedestrian Safety Expert

This expert is a specialist in vehicle incursion accidents. He has led studies on how frequently they occur, their common causes, and the most frequent design or construction failures which lead to them. Has worked to create the largest national database for accidents on private property outside of the insurance industry. For almost twenty years, he has worked closely with people in government, industry, academia, and the commercial property/retail market to ...

Flooring and textile Headshot

Flooring and textile Expert

This highly qualified expert has years of experience in the floor-covering industry. He oversees a database of 50,000+ flooring products and has conducted 150,000+ analyses of flooring technology. He received his BS degree in business computer information systems from Lee University and has published 8+ articles on flooring materials and testing technology. He is a member of multiple professional associations, including the ASTM International, IICRC, American Association ...

Analytics & Data Science Headshot

Analytics & Data Science Expert

This data analytics expert earned his BS in Economics/Statistics from the University of North Dakota and his Master's Degree in Applied Statistics from The Ohio State University. He is a former senior quantitative analyst at Mattel, where he worked on digital channel analytics covering paid search, display advertising, and website visitation. As an instructor of Database Marketing Analytics at Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association, he taught marketers the ...

Drug Safety Headshot

Drug Safety Expert

This expert's research career has been focused in the area of drug safety. As a clinical epidemiologist and pharmacologist, he uses large administrative databases in Canada and the United States as the main data source for his research. In the last ten years he has made significant contributions to this area quantifying rare drug adverse events with popular prescription drugs. His research has been used by the FDA, Health Canada and European Medicines Agency...

Business and Advanced Analytics Headshot

Business and Advanced Analytics Expert

This expert has been practicing advanced business analytics for over 20 years. He holds a Ph.D. in Business and has extensive industry experience in quantitative risk assessment and marketing analytics. He has been published in refereed journals such as the "Journal of Database Marketing", "Risk Management Journal" and "Marketing Intelligence and Planning", while he has presented on predictive analytics at conferences hosted by the Risk and Insurance Management Society, ...

Phlebology Headshot

Phlebology Expert

This internationally recognized vein expert has been practicing for 35 years. A Fellow of the American College of Phlebology and an Emeritus Fellow of the Australasian College of Phlebology, he has given over 120 presentations at national and international medical conferences, including keynote presentations. He is Editor for "Phlebology: The Journal of Venous Disease" and serves as a reviewer for 6 other scientific journals. The Founding President of the American Board ...

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