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Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychology Headshot

Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychology Expert

This highly qualified expert has nearly 15 years of experience as a licensed psychologist. She earned her BA at Pittsburg State University before completing her MA and PsyD at the School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute. She then completed an internship at Coatesville VA Medical Center and was a neuropsychology fellow at the University of Alabama. This expert is a board certified clinical neuropsychologist. This expert is very active in her field as a ...

Neuropsychology Headshot

Neuropsychology Expert

This highly-qualified expert has over 20 years of experience in the field of neuropsychology. She earned her PhD in experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience at New York University before completing a post-doctoral fellowship in neuropsychology at Cornell University Medical College. This expert is currently a New York State certified psychologist. She is active in her field as a member of the American Psychological Association, the International Dyslexia ...

Psychiatry (Trauma/Chronic Pain) Headshot

Psychiatry (Trauma/Chronic Pain) Expert

With over 20 years of experience as both a psychiatrist and a medical consultant, this expert remains very active in the field of psychiatry through his position as an attending psychiatrist and his various volunteer activities. He is a recognized psychiatrist with a multitude of awards and professional appointments. Finally, he is a certified member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology with concentrations in Forensic, General, and Addiction Psychiatry....

Psychiatry/Psychology Headshot

Psychiatry/Psychology Expert

This expert earned her BA from The University of Texas at Austin. She then earned her masters in education and her PhD from The University of Houston in Counseling Psychology. This expert is also active within her society and is a member of numerous professional organizations such as The American Psychological Association. In addition, this expert has published 25 Peer-Reviewed Articles and given numerous presentations and lectures. Formerly this expert served as an ...

Neuropsychology Headshot

Neuropsychology Expert

This highly qualified expert received her BA in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University and went on to receive her MS and PhD in Clinical Psychology from Pacific Graduate School of Psychology. She is a member of several distinguished neuropsychology associations including the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology, the International Neuropsychological Society, and the New York State Association of Neuropsychology. She previously worked as a Psychology ...

Neuropsychology Headshot

Neuropsychology Expert

This highly qualified expert has extensive experience in the field of Neuropsychology, being board certified in clinical neuropsychology and professional psychology. He is also certified in advanced rehabilitation research and clinical neuropsychology. Receiving his bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of South Florida, he continued on there to to earn his master's in rehabilitation counseling & mental health counseling. His doctorate degree in counseling ...

Clinical Neuropsychology Headshot

Clinical Neuropsychology Expert

This qualified neuropsychologist is trained in both clinical and research-based neuropsychology, with additional expertise in health psychology and rehabilitation psychology, in both children and adults. She is expert in traumatic brain injury (TBI) and other neurological conditions. She is also a member of such prestigious professional societies as the American Psychological Association....

Neuropsychology Headshot

Neuropsychology Expert

This expert has close to 20 years of experience in the field of neuropsychology. She received her B.S. degree from Duke University and her M.A. and Psy.D. degrees from the California School of Professional Psychology. She is board certified in clinical neuropsychology with a subspecialty in pediatric neuropsychology. She is an author on 9 academic publications and is an ad hoc reviewer for the Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, Child Neuropsychology, and Journal of ...

Forensic Neuropsychology and Forensic Psychology Headshot

Forensic Neuropsychology and Forensic Psychology Expert

This qualified expert received his BS in psychology from UCLA and his PhD in clinical psychology from Drexel University. He is a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania and has worked as a clinical/forensic neuropsychologist at numerous health centers. He currently provides outpatient evaluations and consultations at a Philadelphia-based psychology practice. This expert has published over a dozen times and presented on topics relating to psychology and criminal justice. He ...

Pediatric Neuropsychology Headshot

Pediatric Neuropsychology Expert

This highly qualified expert earned her BA at the University of California, Los Angeles, and her MA in Psychology at the University of Michigan. She went on to complete a PhD in Clinical Psychology, as well as an internship in Counseling and Psychological Services at the University of Michigan. She went on to complete a fellowship in Health Psychology at the Children's Hospital of Orange County. She is a licensed Psychologist, and board certified in Pediatric ...

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Patient Develops Compulsive Behavior While Taking Antipsychotic Medication

Patient Develops Compulsive Behavior While Taking Antipsychotic Medication

Jul 5 2018 Clinical Neuropsychology
This case involves a 26-year-old male patient with bipolar disorder and severe depression who was prescribed the antipsychotic aripipiprazole. This patient had a family history of bipolar disorder and alcoholism. While taking the antipsychotic medication, the patient experienced a host of compulsive behaviors, specifically pathological…

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