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Aquatics expert witnesses specialize in a variety of fields, including swimming pool design and construction, water safety, lifeguard operations, aquatic facility management, and marine biology. Some of the most common specialties among aquatics expert witnesses also include diving accidents, water park safety, boating accidents, aquatic risk management, and beach safety. They have provided opinions on the effects of improper pool maintenance, lack of lifeguard supervision, faulty pool equipment, drowning incidents, and unsafe water conditions.

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Kenneth Alvin Solomon, PE, PhDView profile

ID: 130140

Dr. Kenneth Alvin Solomon, PE, PhD

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Dr. Kenneth Solomon has 49 years of experience in the field of Engineering. He earned his BS, MS, and Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles. Today, this expert is licensed as a Professional Engineer in the State of California. Formerly, this expert served as an Associate Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern California and the University of California, Los...

Koi Fish Valuation Expert WitnessView profile


Koi Fish Valuation Expert Witness

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This expert specializes in the raising and selling of koi fish. She is the owner of a Koi farm in the midwest and has held the title for almost 8 years. She earned her BA in Science Communications from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. She has been in the aquatic industry for many years, having served as the President/Owner of Skippers Choice Marine Supply and the VP Marketing and Sales of...

Elliott C Taylor, PhDView profile

ID: 6255072

Dr. Elliott C Taylor, PhD

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Dr. Elliott Taylor has over 35 years of experience in the field of Environmental and Marine Sciences. He earned his BS in Oceanography from the Autonomous University of Baja California in Mexico and his Ph.D. in Oceanography from Texas A&M University. Formerly, this expert served as a Senior Project Scientist at Woodward-Clyde Consultants and the Principal at Taylor Environmental and Marine...

Aquatics Safety and Lifeguarding Expert WitnessView profile


Aquatics Safety and Lifeguarding Expert Witness

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This expert has a company dedicated to drowning and aquatic injury prevention and emergency management. In that regard, they develop educational curricula in Lifeguard Operations and Management, Aquatics Safety and Drowning Prevention, Water Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue, and Ice Rescue, and conduct this training both nationally and internationally for the Public Safety and Rescue, as well as the...

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Aquatics Expert Witness FAQs

An aquatics expert witness provides specialized knowledge in cases involving water-related incidents. They can offer insights on safety standards, pool design, lifeguard operations, and more.

Aquatics expert witnesses are often needed in personal injury cases involving swimming pools, water parks, boating accidents, drownings, or other water-related incidents.

Subspecialties can include pool design and maintenance, lifeguard training and operations, marine biology, oceanography, water safety instruction, and aquatic therapy.

An aquatics expert can analyze factors like pool safety measures, supervision adequacy, response time to emergencies, and adherence to regulations to determine liability in a drowning case.

Yes. Aquatics experts can assess factors such as boat operation, equipment functionality, weather conditions, and adherence to maritime laws in boat accident cases.

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