Expert Radar: AI-driven expert due diligence and opposition research

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Expert Radar

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Learn how Expert Radar allows attorneys to seamlessly perform opposition research by searching key terms across an expert's entire personal and professional background, including all related documents and data points, to quickly uncover case-related insights.

We’ll show you how easy it is to identify actionable intelligence on opposing and retained experts. Using real world examples, we’ll demonstrate the simplicity of searching across an expert’s entire personal, professional, and expert witness background with just one keystroke!

With our global search feature, you can effortlessly search all the due diligence within Expert Radar, including the full text of all related documents:

  • Publication abstracts

  • Deposition transcripts

  • Court orders / pleadings / affidavits

  • News and media

  • Presentations, PowerPoint slides, and more!

With Expert Radar, you’ll be able to capitalize on compromising information, strengthen your cross examination, and identify potential vulnerabilities in any expert.

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Expert Radar: AI-driven expert due diligence and opposition research

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