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Join General Surgeon, Dr. Wendy Ketner, for a look into how collaborating with expert physicians before signing new matters optimizes your cases, and your firm, for success. Discover how an exploratory consultation with an expert physician can help you separate winning cases from weak cases, give you a competitive edge in the courtroom, and increase your chance of settling cases in favor of your clients.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Avoid weak cases – Identify cases without merit before signing new clients
  2. Keep your credibility – Let prospective clients know you’ve done your due diligence
  3. Free up resources – Free up resources for strong matters you may otherwise have passed over
  4. Pursue the winner – Dig into the details that increase damage assessments
  5. Optimize for success – Expand your case theory & prepare the right questions for court


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5 Ways Case Validation Can Expand Your Practice

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