How Expert Directories are Falling Short for Experts

In many ways, expert witness directories are lingering leftovers from the days of the printed yellow pages.

Carolyn Casey, J.D.

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— Updated on March 23, 2022

How Expert Directories are Falling Short for Experts

Expert witness directories provide simple listings of names, addresses, and phone numbers. Today, the only difference is the listing has gone digital and now it requires a fee.

But despite the limited updates for modern modes of working, many experts continue to pay to have their services and contact information listed in digital directories. Some professionals may not be aware that there is a much better way to connect with hiring attorneys. Here, we’ll review the shortcomings of expert directories causing an exodus to more effective, modern ways to secure expert opportunities.

What are Expert Directories?

Expert directories are collections of expert listings where professionals can submit their services and contact information. Directories are essentially online catalogs of experts for hire in legal matters. At their core, directories aim to connect lawyers with the ideal professional.

The Pay to Play Model

One major drawback to a directory is that you must pay to have your professional profile included. Typically, you’ll have to pay an upfront fee to be listed. Then the company hosting the directory also takes a cut of any consulting payments you receive. The hosting company may also negotiate your fee with a hiring attorney. This can result in limiting your income for a consulting opportunity.

Even worse, many directories collect and control the payment from the attorney. They are the middleman between you and the client who is paying for your expert services. Directory contracts often give the directory the right to not pay experts for services rendered due to client dissatisfaction. Further, these “no pay” decisions are solely at the directory company’s discretion and perception of the situation. Plus, the directory company can decide not to investigate why a client was dissatisfied. This means you have no chance to learn what happened and possibly correct the problem—or to collect the compensation you are due.

No Outreach Support

Furthermore, many directory experts are surprised about the lack of support in actually connecting with a hiring attorney. You might receive an email or notification that an attorney is interested, along with a deadline to reach out. But the guidance ends there. Additionally, a directory does not offer assistance in setting up a time to speak with an attorney—an administrative task that can involve many back and forths. Plus, introductory and follow-up call scheduling can become a hassle that eats into time at your day job.

Lackluster Marketing

Most expert directories don’t put resources into promoting your professional profile to potential clients. But in a competitive marketplace, you need to put your best foot forward in order to connect with interesting consulting opportunities. Per marketing best practices, expert profiles should include SEO-optimized images and copy. However, without this kind of professional marketing, fewer inquiring lawyers will find your profile.

The Modern Approach to Expert Opportunities

Expert iQ, powered by Expert Institute, is the modern business development alternative to traditional expert directories.  But unlike directories, Expert iQ is free to join and expands your reach as an expert candidate. Once your profile is complete, only case opportunities screened to match your expertise and interests are presented to you. And of course, you always have the freedom to choose only the opportunities that interest you most.

Through Expert iQ, you can access a scheduling feature to seamlessly set up calls with hiring attorneys. Also, Expert iQ provides comprehensive invoicing support. In partnership with Stripe, Expert iQ has streamlined your payment process. Within your profile, you can issue new invoices and link your financial information for simpler payments. Plus, as an Expert iQ expert, thousands of the nation’s top attorneys have your profile on hand as they source expertise for their cases. With Expert iQ, you can get started on the legal consulting you’ve been looking for today.

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