Carolyn Casey, J.D.

Carolyn Casey, J.D., is a legal content writer with 10 years of experience at AmLaw100 firms. Carolyn received her bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and her J.D. from the Washington College of Law at American University.

Carolyn Casey, J.D.

Costco Ordered to Reveal Flooring Policies in Slip-And-Fall Lawsuit

A federal judge in California revoked Costco's protective order, allowing the public to access information on the company's flooring policies in a slip and fall lawsuit filed by Jayashree Singh, who claims that Costco's flooring conditions are dangerous and wants to prevent further slip and fall cases.

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Stunning $485 Million Verdict Awarded to a Child Sexually Abused in Acadia Healthcare Foster Care

A New Mexico jury awarded $485 million for negligence in Acadia Healthcare's foster care case.

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Rochester Jury Awards $95 Million for Priest Sexual Abuse 40 Years Ago

A jury awarded a victim of historical sexual abuse by a Catholic priest $95 million under the New York Child Victims Act, revealing the priest's pattern of abuse, but the actual compensation remains uncertain due to the diocese's bankruptcy.

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Medical Evidence and Hearsay Exceptions Under the FRE

In personal injury cases, medical evidence is crucial to proving or challenging both causation and damages. Medical evidence, most commonly in the form of medical records and expert testimony, contains critical information about the plaintiff's injuries and treatment. However, medical records must meet certain requirements to be admitted into evidence under the Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE).

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Florida Judge Affirms $7 Million Car Crash Verdict

A Florida judge says the jury based its verdict on sufficient evidence when it awarded more than $7 million to a family whose father suffered serious injuries from a 2019 car crash. The driver that the jury had found primarily responsible for the crash filed motions asking the judge to undo the verdict.

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$15 Million Wrongful Death Settlement in Mallory Beach Case

A convenience store settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $15 million after selling alcohol to a minor involved in a fatal boat crash.

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Federal Court Dismisses Securities Class Action, Citing Pandemic Unpredictability

A California federal court has dismissed a securities class action related, in part, to the COVID-19 pandemic. Judge R. Gary Klausner ruled that the defendant could not have anticipated the extent of the pandemic at the time of their January 2020 S-1 filing. The dismissal also hinged on the court’s findings that there was adequate

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7 Expert Tips for Cross Examination

In the course of trial or deposition, an expert first testifies on behalf of the hiring party—known as direct testimony. Directly after this, the opposition is able to interrogate the expert—known as cross examination.

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Long Island County Courts Reopening in March 2021

Two county court systems in the New York State Unified Court System are reopening in March 2021 for in-person jury trials. In the last year, in-person proceedings have been restricted in these two courts and throughout the state as the system attempted to minimize the spread of COVID-19 while keeping the wheels of justice turning.

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Minneapolis Will Pay $27 Million To Family of George Floyd: Largest Pretrial Civil Rights Settlement Ever

The Minneapolis City Council announced it will settle the George Floyd federal civil rights lawsuit for $27 million. The Council decision was unanimous. The monumental $27 million payout to the Floyd family is the highest pretrial civil rights settlement ever, according to the Floyd family’s attorney.

Posted on March 17, 2021 in Litigation Monitor & News