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Articles by Nick Eddy

8 Tech Tools to Boost Productivity When Working With Experts

Such a busy workload causes many attorneys to search for ways to improve their time management and boost productivity. Time management becomes particularly important when dealing with expert witnesses. Experts often maintain busy schedules and charge at an hourly rate.…

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Using Demonstrative Exhibits with Expert Witnesses – Tips and Best Practices

Today’s jurors consume information differently than they have in the past. With the rise of the internet and the ubiquity of electronic devices, they increasingly learn through visual media like television, infographics, and animations. The attorney who intends to present…

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4 Best Practices for Effective Expert Depositions

In complex litigation, the majority of cases settle prior to trial, meaning the real battle often takes place during discovery. Though fact witnesses are certainly important, any experienced attorney knows that an expert witness can make or break a case.…

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4 Ways Economic Damages Experts Can Strengthen Personal Injury Cases

In a personal injury case non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, will often receive the majority of the attention by both plaintiff and defense counsel. However, an experienced and competent economic damages expert can greatly increase the value of…

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Evaluating an Expert’s Qualifications: 10 Items to Consider

In the pre-Daubert days, the primary test for expert testimony admissibility was an expert’s background or qualifications. After the Daubert trilogy, courts pivoted from emphasizing an expert’s qualifications to placing greater emphasis on the reliability test. Proponents of expert testimony…

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