Wearable Technology Expert Opines On Intellectual Property Dispute

    Wearable Technology Expert

    This case involves an intellectual property dispute between two producers of wearable heart-rate monitors. One of the leading manufacturers of electrocardiography chest straps alleged that another manufacturer copied components of its biometric sensing technology. An expert in wearable technologies with a background in wearables research and wearable industry standards was sought to analyze the biometric components from both devices in question and opine on whether one manufacturer copied the other.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your familiarity with wearable technology.

    Expert Witness Response E-067344

    I am very familiar with wearable technology, as my main area of research is in wireless wearable devices and their applications. I developed technologies in this area, published peer-reviewed papers in reputable journals and reviewed many manuscripts as well as grant proposals for a national science foundation. For the past 8 years, I’ve been leading applied research efforts involving PPG, ECG, BCG and other sensing platforms. I used PPG sensors extensively to obtain benchmark signals to support a new video-based technology I developed in my lab for monitoring cardiac activity without skin contact. The primary purpose of this technology is to extract a PPG signal from the face using a video camera. In one of my projects, I used a watch that captures PPG signals and sends it via a wireless connection. I am also an active member of the wireless body networks research community and am up to date with state of the art in wearable technologies and their industrial standardization. In addition to my technical expertise in the area of wearable technology, I also have considerable experience in writing patents and patent infringement arguments. I have previously been hired to serve as an expert in patent infringement cases. In this capacity, I’ve provided extensive written opinions on patent claims infringement and invalidation.

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