Statistics Expert Reviews Suspicious Insurance Claim

    Statistics ExpertThis case involves suspicious filings in an insurance claim. It was alleged that the defendants colluded and conspired to create the documents that were filed on the grounds that the filings were too similar for there to not have been any coordination between the parties involved. An expert in statistics was sought to review the documents and opine as to the probability that the separate defendants colluded to create the documents.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Do you have experience reviewing documents in this capacity? If yes, please elaborate.

    Expert Witness Response E-089538

    I have conducted workshops on this topic at national and regional conferences of forensic document examiners as well as research in this field. One of the specialties of my laboratory is conducting typographic examinations. These types of forensic document examinations are ones wherein the question is centered around the production of the document itself. The best way to approach typographic examinations is to get as much detailed testimony or information as to how the questioned documents were made. My examinations can determine if the physical evidence supports the proffered testimony or information.

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