Social Worker Practices Without License

    Social Worker Expert WitnessThis case takes place in Georgia and involves a social worker who was practicing for an extended period of time without a license. The defendant’s license lapsed and was administratively revoked by operation of law. The social worker did not file her application to reinstate her license until several months after this time, and that reinstatement did not occur until another month after that. Throughout that time, she misrepresented to the public, and the plaintiff specifically, that she was licensed. The plaintiff attended seveal counseling sessions during the time the defendant was not licensed. The defendant did not disclose her revoked license. During this time, she charged the plaintiff for counseling sessions that she was not legally qualified to conduct. she also disclosed confidential information to multiple parties involved without the plaintiff’s knowledge or consent. The plaintiff has a public consent order signed by the defendant stating that he violated state law by providing these services.

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    I would be glad to review this case. I have 30+ years of clinical social work experience and currently serve as the Director of Master of Social Work program at a major social work school. I teach classes on case management, leadership, etc. and I am highly qualified to speak to standard practices as well as standard of care. I am happy to help and discuss further.

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