Investigating the Role of Cleaning Protocols in a Hotel Shower Slip and Fall Incident

This case study explores a slip and fall incident in a hotel shower, focusing on the hotel management's adherence to appropriate cleaning protocols and use of suitable chemicals.

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Published on February 6, 2024

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Case Overview

This case study revolves around a slip and fall incident in a hotel shower resulting in personal injuries.

The slip and fall is alleged to have been caused by an unknown substance that created a slippery film on the shower floor. The central issue of this case is determining what chemicals and cleaning solutions are appropriate to use when cleaning a hotel shower, as well as proper protocols for preventing mold.

Questions to the Property Management expert and their responses


Could you elaborate on your professional experience in hotel management, particularly overseeing commercial cleaning services in hotel showers?

In my 40-year hotel management career, I’ve overseen various styles of hotels, from two to five-flag properties. My extensive experience has allowed me to become familiar with different cleaning products specifically designed for hotel use.


What are some industry-standard cleaning solutions used to clean hotel showers and combat mold?

Throughout my career, we’ve transitioned from basic products like Ajax and bleach to more advanced and specialized options. Walk-in showers can be made slip-resistant with the right materials and surface finish. Modern walk-in showers in hotels often include slip-resistant features for enhanced safety. Additional options such as adhesive traction mats or strips can be added for extra slip resistance.

About the expert

This expert boasts over four decades of experience in property management, with a particular emphasis on hotel operations. Their extensive career includes roles as general manager, director of operations, and vice president of property management services at various high-profile establishments. Currently, they provide their expertise as a property management consultant at an independent firm and manage a residential property, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to the field.

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