Restaurant Customer Injured by Unsafe Furniture

    Premises LiabilityThe plaintiff in this case was injured while attending a business dinner. The plaintiff, along with his client, were escorted to two tall stools at the bar by the restaurant’s hostess. The legs of both stools had wheels, while the stools themselves were placed on a hard and smooth surface that allowed them to roll freely. During the meal, the plaintiff left the restaurant to take a call and returned to his stool after the call was completed. Prior to taking the call, the plaintiff had consumed several alcoholic beverages. When the plaintiff attempted to sit on the stool after returning to the restaurant, the stool rolled away, causing  the plaintiff to fall and suffer a number of serious injuries. After speaking with a manager at the restaurant and communicating the danger that the stools caused, stools without wheels were allegedly installed on a less slippery surface.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Is your expertise in general public safety?
    • 2. Do you have expertise in areas where liquor is consumed such as restaurants and bars?
    • 3. Have you previously advised on seating arrangements that could potentially pose a dangerous condition?
    • 4. Are you aware of rules, ordinances, and guidelines pertaining to restaurants, bars, and entertainment centers?
    • 5. Have you ever testified in a case or are you familiar with a case where personal injury took place based on seating arrangements in restaurants and/or bars?

    Expert Witness Response E-007804

    I have extensive expertise and experience in hospitality operations and public safety, most notably restaurant operations and safety (this expertise covers a lot of general public safety). I have 30 years of operations experience with alcoholic beverage service. Throughout my career, I have advised on seating to avoid potentially dangerous situations countless times. I am aware of rules, ordinances, and guidelines for restaurants/bars/resorts throughout the country. I have also prepared testimony for previous cases involving operational safety practices. This case is right in my wheelhouse and I would be happy to review on behalf of the plaintiff.


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