Real Estate Assessor Fails to Adequately Perform Job

    Land use expert witnessThis case takes place in California and centers around municipal bonds issued by a city in anticipation of increased revenue from a large construction project on city-owned land. The bonds they issued were based on the incremental tax revenue generated from the increase in land value anticipated by the completion of the project. The defendant alleges that, since the real estate assessor assigned to valuate the project arrived at a significantly lower valuation than had been originally anticipated, she failed to adequately perform her job. The bond issued anticipated a far more expensive project, while the value listed by the assessor in question was much lower.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Have you served as a county assessor? If so, please explain.
    • 2. Do you have experience assessing large construction sites/ projects?
    • 3. Have you ever served on a case involving an assessor's failure to accurately value a parcel of land under long-term construction? If so, please explain and provide references of the attorneys with whom you've worked.

    Expert Witness Response E-011282

    This case is right in my area of expertise and I am glad to assist. I was with the Los Angeles County Assessor’s office for 8 years. Currently, I am the vice president at a property valuation and advisory consultancy service and have extensive experience assessing million dollar construction sites/projects across California. I have served as an expert witness on a case involving an assessor’s failure to accurately value a parcel of land under long-term construction. The issues were the owner’s claim that the land was over assessed.  I consulted and testified on this last year relative to the LA Life complex in Downtown Los Angeles. I have never been target of a claim involving a dispute arising from assessment value discrepancies. I am happy to discuss further.

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