Psychology Expert Witness Evaluates PTSD in Metalworker

    Psychology Expert WitnessThis case takes place in New York and involves a man who suffered extensive injuries when using a machine to stamp parts from sheet metal. The machine was used to produce stamped parts for aircraft. As a part of the machine’s normal operation, the stamping die would press down on the metal with hundreds of pounds of force. At some point, the man had to manipulate the metal that was in the process of being stamped. At some point, the press came down on the man’s hand, severing multiple fingers. He claims he has suffered PTSD as a result of this event and retains an industrial psychology expert.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Do you have extensive experience treating patients who suffer from PTSD?
    • 2. Are you available to review case and opine whether or not this event can be correlated to PTSD?

    Expert Witness Response E-009157

    While it sounds like a horrible incident, PTSD does require certain elements in addition to the actual trauma – including intrusive symptoms, avoidance symptoms, negative alterations in cognitions and mood, alterations in arousal and reactivity – without this spectrum a trauma does not automatically yield PTSD. I am a board-certified psychiatrist with added qualifications in psychosomatic psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. I primarily work in hospital setting with level 1 trauma service, yielding consultations to evaluate for PTSD. I evaluate over 1500 unique patients yearly in hospital setting

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