Property Management Expert Opines on Golf Cart Accident

    Property Management Expert WitnessThis case involves a Plaintiff who was a maintenance worker at a gated community in Florida that was managed and maintained by Defendant. While working, the Plaintiff was driving a golf cart in the middle of a private road in the community. The road had no lane markings and no road signs, including no speed limit signs, and the Plaintiff’s cart had no doors and no seat belts. While driving forward, an automobile rounded a corner and struck the golf cart. The Plaintiff was ejected and sustained a number of serious injuries, including a traumatic brain injury. It was alleged that the road lacked necessary signage and that the accident could have been prevented.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Are you available to inspect the road area where the accident occurred and opine on the safety of the property as it relates to lack of road signs, lane markings, etc?
    • 2. Please briefly describe your experience managing properties with roadways or traffic signage.

    Expert Witness Response E-039471

    I am currently the Vice President for a Fee Management Company of Multi-family properties throughout Texas. I have 15+ years in property management working both onsite and in the corporate office. Most properties have signage that indicates the speed limit for individuals driving through the parking lot as well as speed bumps to slow drivers down; however, there are typically no markings as you would see on a city street. Employees should have undergone a safety training of some sort that specifically addresses golf cart usage and the areas to drive in to avoid these types of incidents. I would ask: “Was safety training provided that encompasses the use of golf carts? Did the individual have any discussions related to operating the golf cart? Were there specific routes identified for golf cart usage?” A considerable majority of incidents regarding golf carts in my experience have been due to lack of training or following the training that has been provided by management companies.

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