Police Officer Allegedly Uses Excessive Force During Arrest

    Police Expert WitnessThis case arises out of a collision between a police officer and the plaintiff following a foot pursuit and plaintiff’s subsequent arrest in Montana. On the date of the incident in question, the officer was responding to a call for an armed robbery at a local convenience store. A few blocks from the scene of the crime, the officer began to pursue a suspicious individual on foot. Eventually, the plaintiff stopped and turned around to face the pursuing officer with his hands up. Nevertheless, the officer tackled the offender onto the concrete sidewalk, causing a significant brain injury.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Can you speak to pursuit and use of force protocols for scenarios similar to the one describe above?
    • 2. Please briefly describe your experience training other cops on best practices for these types of situations.

    Expert Witness Response E-071642

    I was a sergeant in a major metropolitan police academy where I instructed hundreds of police recruits on police policy and use of force. I was a police Lieutenant with the sole purpose of authoring a promotional examination for sergeants testing for the rank of Lieutenant. In this position, I conducted an empirical review of my department’s procedural and legal guidelines and constructed a written examination for promotion for qualified candidates. As a Lieutenant in the internal affairs department, I managed a team of police officers, detectives, and sergeants to investigate legal and procedural acts of misconduct committed by members of the department. During my 20 year tenure I performed multiple duties as a police officer, detective, sergeant and Lieutenant. I have a doctorate degree that concentrates on violence and I have an MPA that focuses on management in Public Administration. I’m currently a criminal justice professor with over 10 years of teaching experience on both a graduate and undergraduate level. Best practices consist of officers using the minimum amount of force necessary. As per the narrative connected with this case, it appears that the civilian held his arms in a position of submission. Since the civilian was holding his arms in a position of submission the officer should have resources to proper handcuffing techniques to take him into custody.

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