Nursing Home Resident Assaults Neighbor

    Forensic Pathology Expert WitnessThis case takes place in Michigan and involves a patient who died while in the care of an assisted living facility. The patient was accepted as a resident after suffering a severe fall in her home, which resulted in a fracture of both hips. One night, a few weeks after the patient entered the facility, an employee of the facility saw the call light in the patient’s room and went to investigate. The patient was found on the floor with another resident in the room. The other resident was housed in the room directly adjacent from the decedent’s, and was known to be aggressive and violent due to dementia. In fact, the resident had made repeated threats to the decedent in the days leading up to the incident. No one witnessed an altercation between the two residents, however the injuries suffered by the decedent are believed to be consistent with an assault.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Are you able to review the records on behalf of the plaintiff and opine on your findings?
    • 2. Have you ever served as an expert witness and testified on a case similar to the one described above?
    • 3. Please briefly describe why you believe you are well suited to serve as an expert on this case.

    Expert Witness Response E-009680

    I have performed approximately 8000 autopsies and testified more than 400 times in circuit court, state, and federal court. I am able to review the records and opine as to the findings as well as testify. In my practice as a Medical Examiner/Forensic Pathologist I have several similar cases where residents of senior living facilities have assaulted other residents. It would be important to review the autopsy report and what injuries lead to the demise. I am a board certified pathologist, and I specialize in anatomic pathology and forensic pathology. I have been selected as a fellow in both the College of American Pathologists and the National Association of Medical Examiners. I have also authored more than 15 publications in the pathology space and formerly served as an editorial board advisor for “The Forensic Examiner” journal. I am also an assistant professor in the pathology department at one of the nation’s top university medical centers.

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