Nightclub Security Expert Claims Use of Force Unwarranted in Brain Injury Case

    Security Expert WitnessThis case involves a young man who suffered permanent brain damage during an altercation with night club security personnel. On the evening of the incident, the Plaintiff and several of his friends had reserved a table in the VIP area of the nightclub. After an hour in the club, on of the Plaintiff’s friends began arguing with several other individuals who were attempting to enter the VIP area from the club floor. A fight ensued, and witnesses claim that the Plaintiff attempted to intercede in order to stop the fight. Several members of the club’s security team attempted to subdue individuals who were involved in the fight, at which point they placed the Plaintiff in a headlock and pulled him away from the fight. It was at this point that the Plaintiff was allegedly beaten by members of the club’s security staff, causing a brain injury and permanent disability.

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    • 1. Please explain why you're qualified to serve as an expert reviewer of this matter.
    • 2. Have you ever published or lectured on the subject of nightclub security protocol, and mitigating the likelihood of an incident like the one described above from occurring?

    Expert Witness Response E-035558

    I have 20 years of law enforcement experience, and I am a certified police instructor in numerous areas including dealing with alcohol service venues, use of force, crime prevention, and more. I also have over 10 years of experience working as a consultant and training for a nightclub security consulting firm, which specializes in nightclub security team training and consulting in areas of guest safety and liability prevention. I have assisted and helped to train well over 5,000 guards and alcohol service venue employees, have spoke at the Nightclub & Bar show on security best practices, and have assisted in several other industry shows for several years. In addition to training provided at these shows, I have spoken to liability prevention, policies and procedures, dealing with law enforcement, patron and staff safety, crime prevention, use of force, emergency preparedness, and threat assessments. Excessive use of force like that detailed in the case is never acceptable, especially after an individual has been subdued and no longer poses a threat to club patrons and staff.

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