Negligent Security Blamed For Violent Mugging In Retail Store

Loss Prevention ExpertThis case involves a woman who followed a female patron into a retail department store from the parking lot. The woman stalked the patron throughout the store until they reached the paper products aisle in the back corner of the store. The woman then proceeded to beat the female patron and robbed her while she was in the store. The female patron was transported by rescue personnel to the hospital. Although the retail store had cameras to monitor store patrons, it was later discovered that there were no employees monitoring the floor at the time of the incident. A loss prevention and security expert with experience in retail store security was sought to speak about the store’s failure to provide safety to patrons despite a foreseeable risk of criminal activity.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your background in loss prevention and security.
  • 2. What are some preventative measures loss prevention and security employees can use to prevent incidents like this?
  • 3. Have you used CCTV to monitor and intervene with suspicious customers?

Expert Witness Response E-018899

I am certified in loss prevention and have 30+ years of experience in retail safety and security. In the past, have used CCTV as a means of monitoring and/or recording high-risk areas in a retail and/or grocery environment. In general, loss prevention personnel and store management have a duty to maintain awareness of individuals that may pose a risk to the safety of patrons.

Expert Bio:

This highly qualified expert is OSHA certified in occupational safety training and he formerly served in various directorial positions at large retailers. His area of expertise includes but is not limited to asset protection, security, safety, investigations, regulatory compliance, training and development, and general strategic planning. Over the course of his career, he has been in charge of approximately 300 stores and responsible for designing and implementing safety protocol and processes.

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