Negligence in Recycled Oil Transport Resulting in Traumatic Brain Injury

This case study explores an incident where a motorcyclist suffered severe injuries due to slipping on an oil slick allegedly caused by a truck transporting spent oil.

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Published on February 6, 2024

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Case Overview

In this case study, we examine the traumatic brain injury suffered by a motorcyclist. The accident occurred after slipping on an oil slick while exiting an oil recycling facility.

The hazardous conditions were allegedly caused by a truck transporting 300 gallons of spent oil, which left a trail of oil near the exit. The plaintiff's attorney seeks insights from an expert in recycled oil transport to review the case and provide professional opinions on industry standards and driver responsibilities.

Questions to the Trucking expert and their responses


Can you briefly describe your experience in trucking spent oil?

I launched my truck safety consulting business in 2006. Our services include hands-on training for drivers on loading, unloading, and securing loads to vehicles. My experience spans various transport types, including gas and diesel.


What industry standards exist for the driver's responsibility to inspect the vehicle before travel to mitigate harm and prevent spills?

Regardless of whether it's spent oil, fresh oil, or any other substance, it's paramount that no spillage occurs from the load. Drivers are trained to inspect their loads before leaving a job site or where they picked them up. Industry standards dictate that drivers are responsible for their loads once they leave loading facilities. The standard of care for a driver involves three key steps: ensuring the load is loaded properly, confirming there are no leaks (load security), and verifying it won't spill once on the roadway.

About the expert

This expert boasts over three decades of experience in the commercial trucking industry, with a focus on safety regulations and hazardous materials transportation. They hold an AS in Justice Administration and are certified in federal motor carrier safety regulations. Currently, they own a commercial trucking consulting firm, serve as a trucking consultant for a major transportation and safety company, and instruct on vehicle maintenance and accident prevention for a trucking association. Their extensive background in road enforcement, commercial vehicle training, and accident prevention makes them highly relevant to this case study involving recycled oil transport negligence.

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