Man Loses Job After Suffering Permanent Injuries in Workplace Accident

Vocational Rehabilitation Expert WitnessThis case involves a worker in a steel mill in upstate New York who was seriously injured by die cutting equipment while at work. The equipment pinned the man’s hand under nearly one thousand pounds of weight, effectively destroying his ability to use his hand permanently. Despite a number of reconstructive surgeries and intensive medical intervention, it has been noted that the man’s condition has not improved. A few weeks after the accident, the man was fired from the steel mill, which allegedly claimed they would sacrifice employee retention for immediately healthy construction workers. It was alleged that he had been wrongfully terminated, and due to the extensive nature of his injuries will likely be unable to work for the rest of his life.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Do you routinely prepare vocational reports for individuals like the one described above?

Expert Witness Response E-005742

I prepare vocational reports for individuals like the one described above. Depending on my case load at any given time, my work on average is split 50/50. Forensic work is an estimated 25% of my business so I typically provide consultation and/or expert witness services on five to ten cases per year. I would estimate that in the last five years, I have been deposed and/or testified at trial three to five times. I consider this very fortunate as the cases have settled prior to getting to the deposition or trial level. I commonly work with claimants with hand injuries.

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