Logistics Company Sued For Cargo Ship Accident

    Bad Faith ExpertThis case involves a furniture manufacturer that hired a logistics firm to transport a shipment of furniture valued at over $5 million from England to Illinois. While en route, the cargo was destroyed due to a shipping container accident on board a cargo ship. The manufacturer sued the logistics company and their insurer for the lost value, as their American affiliate had to cease operations due to the loss. An expert in maritime insurance practices was sought to discuss bad faith in international shipping cases.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please briefly describe your work in the bad faith insurance industry.
    • 2. Do you have any experience with bad faith matters relating to international cargo shipping?

    Expert Witness Response E-078129

    I hold a master’s in maritime policy and have 20+ years of experience of managing cargo claims arising out of the carriage of goods by sea and inland. I represented the international chamber of shipping at the United Nations in the negotiation of a new carriage of goods by sea instrument. I am also the author of the bill of lading terms and conditions for one of the world’s biggest ocean carriers. I have managed claims both in court and arbitration, and I have been a past visiting lecturer at a northeast maritime institute. In addition to the institute cargo clauses, there will be issues under the bill of lading/waybill terms and conditions, under COGSA 36, and intermodal carriage, title to sue, time bar and subrogation points.

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