Leading Expert Evaluates Pharmaceutical Patent Dispute

Patent Expert WitnessThis case involves an alleged patent infringement surrounding the development of a novel drug delivery system. The system in question was designed to deliver medications steadily over an extended period of time through a uniquely formulated and designed transdermal patch. The patch was allegedly copied by one of the developing company’s primary competitors, which beat the original developer to market and aggressively marketed the product in order to dominate the industry.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Do you have familiarity with the subject matter described above?
  • 2. Have you ever published or lectured on this subject / issue?
  • 3. Please discuss your background in the formulation of transdermal patches.

Expert Witness Response E-039228

My doctoral thesis focused on the development, fabrication and invention of a controlled transdermal drug delivery patch, which released drugs according to a specific electrical pulse. I published my thesis and an additional journal article on this topic. During the formulation of the patch, we considered various parameters such as thickness, tensile strength, folding endurance, uptake and release amount, update and release rate, in vitro permeation, and drug excipient compatibility. I am qualified to review your case because I am experienced with the design, inception, building, fabrication, testing, and application of transdermal patches. Since earning my PhD, I have collaborated with Harvard Medical School and the National Institutes of Health on research pertaining to drug delivery with nanomaterials.

Expert Bio

This analytical chemist is a research associate for the National Nanomanufacturing Initiative with a background in drug delivery and cosmetics. She earned her doctorate in analytical chemistry from the University of Maryland and completed a research fellowship at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, where she focused on the improvement of drug delivery with the use of nanotubes.

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