Ladder Failure Linked to Manufacturing Flaw

Product Liability Expert WitnessThis is a products liability case that takes place in Arkansas and involves a fiberglass extension ladder. The plaintiff in this case was using the ladder to assist him while he repainted the exterior of the house. While he was working, the fiberglass frame of the ladder broke, and as a result the plaintiff fell and suffered severe injuries. It is believed that a flaw in that particular ladder’s manufacture is the root cause for the failure. The ladder was brand new at the time of the incident, and was approximately 20 feet long when fully extended. An expert on consumer product safety was sought to opine on this issue.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • Are you able to inspect a ladder in SW Georgia to make a determination on how it failed?

Expert Witness Response E-007400

I was employed by Werner Ladder Company for 16 years as a Product Design / Sr. Product design engineer. I have investigated hundreds of ladder accidents over last 25+ years. I would start by reviewing photos and interviewing witnesses by telephone to develop an initial assessment. More detailed analysis would require personal inspection of ladder and possibly the accident site.

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