Lack of Security at Bar Leads to Massive Fight

    Security Expert WitnessThis security management case takes place in Illinois and involves an individual who was injured during a brawl at a large sports bar. Sometime in the early morning, a verbal dispute began between two groups inside the nightclub over the results of an earlier football game. Eventually, the dispute escalated into a physical altercation with approximately 20 participants. The plaintiff, who was attempting to avoid the fight, was severely injured when a glass bottle that was thrown struck him on the forehead. It is alleged that the bar, which possessed a late night operating license, failed in its obligation to provide adequate security to its customers, and that the customers in question should be required to go to anger management classes.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1.) Have you worked as security personnel at a bar that holds a late-night operating license?
    • 2.) Are you familiar with the rules & regulations regarding security personnel at Illinois bars with late-night operating licenses?
    • 3.) Have you trained security personnel on the rules and regulations for an Illinois bar with a late-night operating license?
    • 4.) Have you served as an expert on a case involving a similar incident?

    Expert Witness Response E-025031

    This case is right in my area of expertise and I am glad to assist. I have reviewed several similar nightclub cases that have gone on to trial. I have worked in law enforcement for 20+ years and we had several night clubs with a late-night operating license in this state that contracted with the police department for enforcement personnel. I have experience training security personnel and ran the detail for a nightclub that was attached to a hotel. I am knowledgeable about Bassett certification. I am highly familiar with the rules and regulations regarding security personnel at late night clubs in this state. From the description provided above, it appears clear that the bar failed to take the appropriate steps to provide a safe environment for its patrons.

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