IP Expert Witnesses Discuss Patented Athlete Tracking Platform

    Ip Expert WitnessThis case involved an intellectual property dispute relating to wearable technology developed to track the movement and performance of athletes during training sessions. The technology, which used multiple different WLAN wireless technologies to transmit data from a wearable device to an external computer database for later analysis, was allegedly copied by a competing manufacturer. In particular, certain aspects of the device’s real time tracking and analysis features were allegedly copied by the competing device.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please briefly describe your electrical engineering experience with respect to consumer electronics and/or wearable technology.
    • 2. Are you able to discuss the use of radio frequency technology for consumer electronic products? Do you have relevant hands-on experience in the field?

    Expert Witness Response E-026962

    This is right in my wheelhouse. I was recently on a case for 18 months which ended with a successfully outcome for my client. I have the expertise to analyze the defendants’ systems and tools. I have torn down and documented over 140 products across multiple cases, and have made operational measurements of dozens more, all documented in exhibits of my expert report as a testifying witness and the reports of others that I supported as a consulting expert. Both the particular technology in question here and other RF tracking technologies for measuring range, location, and velocity are areas I have spent a great deal of time on.

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