Investment Firm Sues Attorney Over Corporate Dispute

    Business Expert WitnessThis case involves an investment firm in Washington that decided to litigate against the law firm that formerly represented it. Initially, there was a misunderstanding over the annual fees the capital market investment firm owed to an investment bank, where the firm believed an oral agreement to cap the bank’s fees nine years prior led to the draft of a side agreement facilitated by the investment firm’s lawyer. During the first trial, the court ruled that the agreement was nullified and that the investment firm was required to pay the bank a much higher fee. Additionally, a lawyer representing the investment firm testified that he had told the firm their oral agreement was ambiguous, after stating prior to the trial that he had seen a handshake in agreement of limiting the bank’s fees.

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    • 1. What is your experience in attorney responsibilities in relation to this case?

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    I have reviewed previous cases dealing with loan documentation and asset-backed lending, all of which focused on attorney responsibilities. During my time at a multinational law firm, I have dealt extensively with complex transactions such as mergers and acquisitions.

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    This senior executive has over 25 years of experience as a corporate and securities attorney. While at a major corporate law firm from 2002 until 2012, he worked as a Corporate, Securities, and Restructuring Attorney specializing in complex transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, financing, securitization, and exotic derivatives. He previously worked as a Partner at another corporate law firm, where he also specialized in M&A, debt financing transactions, and equity financing transactions. In addition, the expert has prior experience as an Investment Banker.

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