Investment Data Analysis Expert Investigates Mismanagement Of Firm’s Retirement Plan

    Investment Data Analysis Expert

    This case involves allegations against a large financial firm in relation to the management of its own retirement plan. It was alleged that the financial firm included imprudent investment options that caused plan participants to suffer significant losses. It was also alleged that plan was mismanaged by the firm, causing excessive administrative fees. An expert in investment data analysis with extensive experience handling and analyzing a high volume of transactional data was sought to opine on the financial losses suffered from the investment selections included in the retirement plan.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your background in analyzing large volumes of financial and investment data.
    • 2. What capabilities/resources do you have access to that can enable you to analyze large data sets?

    Expert Witness Response E-137133

    My expertise is focused on recordkeeping, fees, revenue sharing, and fee leveling, and I also have knowledge on the investment side. I served as the recordkeeper for an asset management firm handling their pricing for several years and I have presented at many conferences on the topic. I have a tremendous amount of experience with the use of data to properly account for these areas and can certainly opine on the administrative and recordkeeping fees. I can add considerable depth in the realm of calculations related to that area, as well as on the calculations related to the damages. When I was working for the asset management firm, I operated as a business liaison to the data and product development teams and was responsible for managing those who dealt with the data. I also have a background in law and often served as the business representative for my asset management firm in legal proceedings. I am intimately familiar with this process and can help with respect to discovery as well.

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